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Where has all the good food gone?

Posted on April 22 2016

The entire conception of ChocAlive! was inspired by the fact that there is some really bad food out there. As an Owner of ChocAlive!, I, along with my business partner Julie, really felt the drive and passion to understand what is going so wrong with the food industry and then do something really significant to change it.

ChocAlive! recently launched a brand new CHOCOALTE SPREAD around the same time I stumbled across an article on Facebook authored by Natasha Longo from about Nutella ( . Although I am not a food scientist by trade and have not been able to independently verify what Natasha reported, she pointed out some very serious concerns about the ingredients in Nutella. In reading this article, it solidified my feelings of disillusionment and frustration about what many food manufacturers are doing to our food. Short cuts for profits and the addition of horrible ingredients to make manufacturing easier and products more fit for mass production. Substituting cheaper artificial and chemical ingredients just to make the product look shinier or flow smoother or just cost less. In my disappointment about what I was reading about Nutella, I was also reminded why my company, ChocAlive! just introduced to the world, our Chocolate Spread - to change this paradigm!

Here is some inside information on our Chocolate Spread that only we know and that I'm going to share. Back when our Spread was just an idea, a half-written recipe, we knew that we wanted to create a product that would be beloved like Nutella and the big-name spreads, but we wanted to turn it upside down so that we could make a healthy option for people (including children!). For us this meant using only clean, organic, gluten fee, Non-GMO and vegan ingredients. It meant NOT using any artificial flavors, binders, lecithin, flowing agents or any hidden ingredients. We wanted organic, cold-pressed coconut oil as our base ingredient as it is one of the healthiest fats/oils on the planet. We learned quickly that when you are using only simple, natural ingredients, it is REALLY hard to get the product to do what you want. Almost every food scientist told us that to get our product to market would require the addition of chemicals, binders, blah,blah. Time and time again we refused this option and kept working at it - for a year and a half until we got it right and on our terms!

Good food - not just delicious food, but healthy food, takes time and costs money and requires quality ingredients. It should not be about short-cuts and only about profits at all costs. Good food should be about the best things we could put into our bodies to keep us healthy and living a good life. It should be about what makes things right for the planet and the farmers. Well ChocAlive! plans on maintaining that philosophy and working on creating the best products we can for you, our customers. And if you are a fan of slathering some indulgent chocolately deliciousness on your morning toast, pancakes, pretzels, sandwiches, rice cakes, or whatever, try reaching for our ChocAlive! Chocolate Spread. The ingredients are right on the label and I think you'll feel really good about them!


Janine Prete, Co-Owner






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