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Here's to Real Food and Farmers!

Posted on April 08 2013

If you ask the average person where food comes from, they might be inclined to say, "the grocery store". I might have also been inclined to say the same thing prior to my summer on the farm.

A couple of years ago, I decided to spend my summer volunteering for a local organic farm. It was one of the prettiest places I've ever been. The first day I ever laid eyes on it was when I was given a tour by Farmers Charley and Tara who walked me through what seemed like endless rows of beautiful rainbow-colored vegetables, herbs and flowers. The whole place smelled like the most perfect combination of honey, grass, and fresh earth. Every row was perfectly manicured and every little growing plant was struggling hard to thrive and be as perfect as nature intended. It was a true miracle of nature.

A few weeks later began my volunteer time - my first day on the job was about 100 degrees - so hot the poor sun-scorched growing things looked like they wanted to crawl back deep into the cool earth. In an instant, on that day, I learned where food came from and what it took to get it. My back was aching, my arms sore and my skin burning from the relentless sun. I was pulling weeds and hauling wheelbarrels full of compost and tools and dirt. All I kept thinking was how did the Farmers do this every day, day in and day out? The physical labor is unexplainable, the hours are endless, the risk of failure is high and the pay, well, the pay often doesn't add up to even a decent living.

What I didn't know about Farmers is how smart they are...brilliant really. They know what to grow and how to grow it. What to feed it, how to water it, when to add sun, when to add shade. They have to be scientists and know what is the proper PH balance for the soil. When to add sand, when to mix lime. I spent a lot of time during my volunteer tenure thinking about the understanding and respect that Farmers get for what they do. They grow our food. They actually, with their own two hands, grow our food - the food that we need to survive. The grocery store does not grow it. The Farmers do. And they are some of the smartest, strongest, wisest people  I've ever had the pleasure of working for.

At ChocAlive!, we believe that food matters - where it comes from matters and the Farmers who grow it matter. We believe that in order to repair the health of our bodies and the planet, we need to start back at the beginning and examine deeply, what we eat and how much it impacts everything around us. The things we have been eating for so many years now seem to have gotten very far away from what real food is. That is why our very passionate mission at ChocAlive! is to remind us that food, real food, can be delicious but it has to start simply from nature and needs to be nurtured by a Farmer. Eat well!


  • Katerina: September 30, 2014

    Thank you very much for your great ideas and wonderful food! I bought your truffles in one of the Whole Food markets in NYC and I am in full delight! As well as I can imagine my life without a chocolate and In the same moment I need to have my skin without an allergy )) I will use only your products! Wish you all the best! Katerina, New York

  • Mary B: March 10, 2014

    I found ChocAlive! at my local Whole Foods… they almost didn’t make it home because my daughters and I couldn’t stop eating them! They are delicious! Thank you for making a scrumptious, healthy treat!

  • Terrianne Riga: April 21, 2013

    I just want to say I wish Julie and Janine the best. It’s been so long due and a lot of hard work. I remember Julie meeting me at my kids school just to let me taste ChocAlive in the making. If you want to enjoy chocolate that is natural, healthy and delicious you’ve come to the right place!

  • Frank Prete: April 21, 2013

    ChocAlive is by far the best chocolate I’ve ever eaten! Rich, creamy, great tasting and good for me. What more can I ask of a pure food? ChocAlive, purely the best. Thank you for creating something so delicious.

  • Tara Ghook: April 21, 2013

    My mutual sentiment’s about ChocAlive! and the amazing owners and staff who create these delicious and healthy truffles. Thank you Janine and Julie for birthing such a clean, fresh and decadently healthy treat. I know it came from your hearts, long hours in the kitchen to create a dessert that had no side affects for people with food sensitivities, and the love for pure, organic, raw, and unadulterated ingredients. And I know personally, that this treat has as much integrity as the people who create it.

    As there are so many non-health conscience manufactured food products are out there, only created with products filled with toxic ingredients to make them eye appealing, addicting with too much salt and sugar, and added toxins to enhance shelf life – it is comforting to know that ChocAlive! is in the class of creating a product with the health of people in mind first and foremost, and one that has so many choices of deliciousness.

    As an organic farmer, I love knowing that ChocAlive! is transparent when it comes to their ingredients. To me – I want to access food from farmers and artisans I trust. So ChocAlive! is a great example of a product that you can choose off the shelf, and not worry if there are
    any “hidden” unhealthy products that are disguised as food. Ok, I think I’m finished gushing. But truly, if anyone hasn’t tried ChocAlive – What are you waiting for?! It’s gluten free, full of active living enzymes for your body, dairy free, and did I mention – DELICIOUS : )

    Tara Ghook

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