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"A few years ago I had to go through extensive chemo treatments and since my friends know that I am a chocaholic, I was given lots of chocolate presents, including some of the very expensive kind. Because of the effects of the chemo, any kind of chocolate tasted to me like wax and I was unable and unwilling to eat it. That is, until a friend brought me some ChocAlive! truffles. Oh, what a difference!!! I was able to taste the creamy chocolate and finally could indulge in my chocolate addiction. Thank you ChocAlive! for making the effect of chemo treatment bearable!"

Gitta Brunner, Friend of ChocAlive! and Cancer Survivor


"I can certainly appreciate the powerful love that goes into each ChocAlive! Truffle. The amazingly strong vibrations are felt in each bite!"

Andy Langberg, Founder/Developer of Reactivation, LLC


"If you care about quality, natural ingredients and our planet, ChocAlive! is a product you can feel good about buying and consuming. I care about what I put in my body, and ChocAlive! tastes so delicious - it's a treat with a cup of tea or whenever you need a little snack. I like the ingredients, the way it's produced and it tastes AMAZING!"

Kimberly Carter, Early Childhood Educator


"Chocolate this good has no business being so healthy."

Rebecca Skloot, Author, "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks"


"Being an athlete as well as a diabetic, it's hard finding the right things to eat! Not being a big chocolate fan, I've found something I really love...ChocAlive! It's one of the only chocolates I love to eat. Not only are the ingredients healthy and natural, but it doesn't take much medicine for me to enjoy them. Now that's something I can take a real bite out of!"

Melissa Dixon, Figure Skating Coach, Double Gold Medalist Freestyle and Type 1 Diabetic and Insulin Dependent


"Since I've know about the artisans and now good friends of ChocAlive!, my appreciation for the family and extended family who create this delicious product is ever-growing. I am a teacher of raw foods and know that with raw food products, what you see in the ingredients is what you get -the pure raw ingredients themselves! No want or need for the hidden preservatives, artificial flavors, colorings, binders, etc. that you get in so many "food" products these days. Just a few of their carefully and lovingly selected organic ingredients makes for mouth-watering delicious bites. Those of us who know about ChocAlive! Truffles enjoy them as a delicious treat as well as a whole food quick bite to give a healthy energy spurt throughout the day...need I say more?!"

Tara Ghook, Raw & Living Foods Coach and Organic Farmer


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